12 Products in a Year

by @MaciejJanowski

Inspired by @levelsio I decied to build and launch 12 products in a year starting this July. Each month, I will build and launch a single product.
I started building many side projects over the years but I never finished them or launched them for the public. My goal is to learn how to launch things, and hopefuly monetize some of the projects too.

July 2020


Community and Tools for Organizing your Self-learning

What is this? Organize your self-learning resources, set tasks, and keep motivation.
Why am I building this? I have too many different resources(online courses, ebooks, etc), and I want to organize them in one place.
Built with TailwindCSS, Alpine.js, Django, Postgres
Launched? 1st August 2020
Visit skillhq.io

August 2020


Web App + MacOs Utility

What is this? Breathing Guide right on your Desktop
Built with MacOS App: Swift, SwiftUI, Web Version: TailwindCSS, custom CSS, Alpine.js, Django
Launched? No

September 2020

Cooming Soon!